UDS Architects featured with Limassol Del Mar on Designboom



UDS Architects are honoured to have been globally recognised for our work on the design for Limassol Del Mar, with a spotlight feature in prestigious digital magazine Designboom. Testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of contemporary design, the project's selection underscores not only its local significance, but also its global prominence as a benchmark of progressive architecture.

Limassol Del Mar

Limassol Del Mar being featured makes us all so proud. Crafted together with our associates at internationally acclaimed studio Benoy, the project demonstrates our collective dedication to visionary design that resonates worldwide. And this distinct form being identified and selected by Designboom, further solidifies its architectural significance on a global scale.

Indeed, this high-end commercial and residential development has fast become an iconic landmark in the city. And that is largely due to its groundbreaking façade, carefully considered layout and striking aesthetic, which pays homage to our home-bases maritime heritage. In fact, it was the dynamic ship-shaped, curved building envelope – inspired by the undulating waves at its primary elevation – which first caught the attention of Designboom’s discerning editorial team. 

Limassol Del Mar

The article itself showcases the two towering wings, portraying them as symbols of Limassol's evolution into a dynamic business hub. It also applauds our forward-thinking approach to the Mediterranean climate, with the application of large openings to maximise sea views and minimise energy consumption. 

This acknowledgment by the world's go-to platform for architecture and design culture, further cements our position at the helm of the industry. Seamlessly integrating into the city's fabric, while simultaneously playing a key role in evolving its urban identity, Limassol Del Mar is a shining example of our commitment to creating exceptional architecture that transforms the economic, cultural, and social life of residents and users.

As we celebrate this recognition, we extend congratulations and deep appreciation to our exceptional team, whose dedication, talent and hard work have not only transformed the city skyline with a true architectural landmark but have also elevated our international reputation as a leading architecture firm in Cyprus.

You can read the article here: https://rb.gy/wr85kw

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