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Our people are our greatest asset. We have implemented an Organisational Structure in order to attract and accommodate the best young talented and skilled architects in Cyprus. We are one of the first (and few) offices in Cyprus to offer Partnerships to our more valued and hardworking associate architects. We believe that fulfilling the ambitions and acknowledging the abilities of newer members of our office is the recipe for success. In addition to encouraging our team to follow their individual passions and interests, we also support continued learning within all of our departments. Staff regularly attend workshops, trainings and seminars, in order to keep up with latest trends and new technologies, as well as to share and expand our knowledge, technical know-how and skill-set as a firm.

Teamwork is the key to our success at UDS Architects. We work hard to build strong collaborative relationships and excellent workplace dynamics. Which in turn, has a positive impact on our professional operations, enriching our multi-faceted creative processes and vast technical expertise. In fact, our experts collaborate seamlessly and effectively. Like a well-oiled machine, working and communicating according to efficient integrated project management strategies. This means that at UDS things happen quickly, proficiently and cost-effectively at every step of the way.