Mariella Polykarpou

Bioclimatic Design Coordinator

BA (Hons) Architecture, Master of Architecture (MSA), ETEK
Joined the firm in 2013

Mariella is an architect with experience in the Concept, Schematic and Design Development in commercial and residential projects. Excellent knowledge of BIM systems, CAD programs and NearZero Buildings European legislation. She is UDS NearZero Energy architecture specialist. Since, she has been the design or project architect on a range of different mixed-use, residential and office projects. Her responsibilities range from master planning and concept design to schematic and construction details and implementation. Mariella is also on the office’s Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Development and Alternative/New Building Technologies committee in the office. She has a BA and a master’s in architecture and loves travel, discovering new cultures and places, road trips, walking and nature trails.