UDS Architects: 25 Years of Architectural Presence

Published on 24/06/2022
UDS Architects chose to celebrate their 25th anniversary with distinguished friends and collaborators at Lab, in a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful surroundings. The crowded attendance of the guests and the positive comments sealed the success of the entire evening.

This event served as a precursor to the celebrations of the 25 years, as it was followed by the unveiling of the new identity that signifies the coming years. The refreshed logo retains its minimalist characteristics and now indicates the new corporate structure of the office, with the participation of new and capable Associate Architects.
Green and Sustainable Architecture in Cyprus

Green and Sustainable Architecture in Cyprus

Published on 29/03/2022
The global environmental crisis is reaching breaking point, with the impact of climate change and environmental pollution felt around the world. In response, the construction industry has seen significant innovation and development when it comes to green and sustainable buildings. However, defining what is ‘green and sustainable’ in the architectural context can be a challenge. 

UDS - Icon: High-rise Building Safety in Light of the 6.5 Richter Scale Earthquake

Published on 14/01/2022
In light of the recent 6.5 Richter scale earthquake and the seismic behavior of Icon in Limassol, UDS Architects would like to express their gratitude and give credit to the Technical and Scientific Consultants who collaborated with them.

"The safety specifications upon which Icon was designed and constructed are based on innovative practices that fully meet the requirements regarding seismic resilience, energy efficiency, fire safety, circulation and accessibility. These specifications are integral elements of the company's philosophy and are non-negotiable."

The problem of Light Pollution in urban and rural areas by Andreas Eleftheriou

Published on 02/04/2021
The night-time environment is a valuable natural resource, and the dark sky represents a historical and cultural heritage that should be preserved and receive appropriate protection. With the excessive use of LEDs, no filter will be able to restrict the problem in terms of stargazing and astrophotography.

Article by Andreas Eleftheriou in Kathimerini

Published on 06/10/2020
With the gaze towards the future: "High-rise buildings as an architectural-typological entity, constitute a subject of serious and intensified discussion and debate."

Revit 2018: uds was the first architecture studio in cyprus to fully implement bim workflow

Published on 22/06/2017
UDSarchitects have invested in information technology and was the first studio to fully implement BIM (Building Information Modeling) in Cyprus.

The new office of UDS Architects in Paphos.

Published on 01/05/2017
Antoniades+Eleftheriou UDSarchitects announces the expansion of its operations with the establishment of a branch office in Paphos, located at 16 Neofytou Nikolaides Street, 1st floor, Office 102, TT8011. The purpose of this expansion is to better serve projects in the city and province of Paphos. Architect Konstantinos Letymbiotis will be responsible for the Paphos office.

UDS Team Gathering

Published on 06/12/2015
“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

UDS On Site Design Workshop

Published on 17/03/2015
UDS Architects team members Civil Engineer Andreas Hadjigeorgiou, Architects Ioanna Agiomamitou, Konstantinos Letymbiotis, Mariella Polykarpou on a site workshop discussing with Pavlos Antoniades Architectural Design concepts and Construction Details. Senior Partners Pavlos Antoniades and Andreas Eleftheriou invest time and effort in the development of all our young talented architects which they see as the future of the Office.